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FIFA Vice President is the “Jack of all Trades”

Things can’t get any worse for the officials at FIFA. Yesterday, sources believe that FIFA Vice President Jack Warner is being investigated for funds that went missing from Haiti’s earthquake aftermath.

Warner visited the country back in 2010 after the natural disaster killed roughly over 200,000 people. The Trinidad and Tobago Football chief was given $750,000 by the Korean football association to utilize in the function of rebuilding Haiti after the disaster hit. But according to BBC News, Jack is the owner of 75 bank accounts under the alias of “Mr. Warner”. Warner requested that the money that was donated was to be paid into his private account. It later was being labeled as “personal use”.

No stranger to these kinds of accusations, this hasn’t been Jack’s first or second time being accused to stealing money. Back in 2010, Warner and other officials took $10 million dollars in bribery money for South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup. Safe to say that the jig is up for Mr. Warner as the period of him and officials “jacking” people for “dirty” money is slowly coming to a end.


Omari White

Follow Omari on Instagram/Twitter (@SmooveGuyO).