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New Week. Same Playoffs.

The 2015 NBA Championship has been top-notch this year from LeBron and Steph battling it out, co-players stepping up to even incredible plays. It goes without saying, this year’s NBA Championship has been one for the ages. For this week’s edition, you have some of the best plays from the NBA Championship  (LeBron all-oop) to even some MLB plays that are worthy of getting a look. Check em’ out below


5. Steph Curry Makes Tristan Thompson Dance With A Crazy Crossover 

We’ve all heard the quote “Never leave the big man on an island”, well it looks like Tristan Thompson completely forgot it. Caught doing the “Wobble”, Tristan found himself having a hard time guarding Curry. Watch below

4. Albert Pujols Is Now 16th Place On The All-Time Homer List 

Last night Angels front-runner Albert Pujols hit a two-run home run in the top of the ninth and it became his 537th of his career and propelled him to 16th on the all-time homer list. Check it out below

3.  Andre Iguodala Skies In For Dunk 

Can’t ever really count Iggy out, the former all-star may be taking the 6th man role but when he needs to deliver he’s there. In this play, he manages to finish off a thunderous dunk in traffic. See it below

2. Lebron Catches a Body On Klay Thompson 

I mean the headline says it all, Klay Thompson wasn’t so lucky and forgot who was getting the alley-oop. In Game 3 of the NBA Championship, LeBron constructed a fastbreak that would leave him catching a crazy oop and Klay well, on the opposite end of it. Watch how it untangled below

1. LeBron Goes Off For 40 In Game 3 Win Over GSW 

When the chip falls on his shoulder, LBJ delivers. In one of his best performances, LeBron literally puts his team on his back with a 40-point performance and gives the Cavs the Game 3 win. Watch the highlights below

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