Mobile phones have become a weapon against the war that is going on world wide.  The war I speak of is the one between the rouge police officers, and soldiers that reside in some the most dangerous places on the globe.  Were they commit human rights crimes like it’s okay to just abuse people.

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A new app has emerged that would allow the victim to record altercations  between the police or  soldiers, on the chance their phone was confiscated the video you just recorded would not be retrievable.

The app will also prevent fake videos from being used for justice, this will be able to capture acts in action, and the videos can not be obtained by the officer or soldier thanks to the user safety features.


Eyewitness To Atrocities app is live on Google Play as we speak, it is only designed for Androids, because most of the users of the app live in other countries where Iphone’s are not as common.

GPS coordinates are able to give accurate time stamps, locations, and other data, it also can tell if footage has been edited.  It’s an app targeted towards war zones, and places where human rights abuse is common.





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