Magna Carta is derived from Latin, it’s translation “The Great Character.”

First off, what is the Magna Carta, it’s way more complex then the Shawn Carter record sharing the same title. Don’t twist my words Jay is a complex Emcee, but the real manuscript is an always evolving body of work filled with laws and ways to protect the Monarchy in the UK.  It is a charter that King John of England agreed with on June 12, 1215.

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Enough history, fast forward to June 2015, 800 years after the Magna Carta originated.  Thousands of kids in the UK are taking part in a debate as to what should be included in the digital age “Magna Carta.”

On June 15th which marks the 800th anniversary of the MC, and the 25th year since the birth of the world wide web (www.), the top 10 most popular clauses will be unveiled.


As of now results analyzed by ComRes shows 29% of people between 10-18 chose safety, and 17% chose freedom of speech as two of their highest clauses.

The number one clause students want as of now is for the internet to be a digital utopia, where enjoyment and fulfillment are at the tips of their fingers.