Bonkaz is a grime artist residing in South London who is perhaps drawing out new boundaries for the next generation of grime artists. with his latest debut single “We Run The Block”, Bonkaz is ready for the public ear. The song is controversial as much as it is inspiring. Since it’s release the street anthem has been going viral. It’s grimey but like Bonkaz says “it is still organic”. He was able to spare few minutes and discuss everything from his single to what influences his music.

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The Source: What’s the story behind Bonkaz (pronounced Bonkers)?

Bonkaz: The story behind someone who is inspired and is from London. Someone who wants to put it in music form and be relatable to people. Bonkaz was just a nick name that I always had since I was young so it just stuck. It doesn’t mean that I’m Bonkaz or anything. Its just a nickname that people know already so I might as well just run with it.


How long have you been making music for?

I started making music ever since I was thirteen. That’s when I was in the studio recording music.

Your from South London right? How does it effect your music?

I think there is a lot to think about here. There is a lot going on here. There is a lot of music and lot of artists that just doesnt get heard. There is this aura about South London at the moment where everybody wants to be successful and everybody wants to get their message across. It’s really dope.

Tell us a bit about your latest track “We Run The Block”.

That is my debut single and it was made out of frustration. I’m saying some controversial lines on the song. I feel like everyone has their own oppresses. We’re trying to be creative and someone is trying to take away your creative freedom. Those are your cops. Everybody has that somebody that wants to take away your freedom. Basically this song is all about over coming those people and taking control of your own life.

Do you have any projects coming out?

Yeah, I’ve got an EP that is coming out, that I’m working on right now. I dont want to set a date for it because I don’t want to start rushing myself. Trying to meet deadlines and stuff like that. Im just waiting for the right balance of music and a story that I want to tell through my project and I want all of my projects to sound that way so when I listen back it’s almost like a diary for me.

In your opinion is Grime evolving since it’s outbreak worldwide?

Yeah definitely it’s evolving. I mean I sing as well as rap so it’s evolving in a sense that people are starting to put their own swing on it. Before grime was something that was like kept in the dark corner and had so many rules and regulations. Where as now, everyone is kind of putting their own touch on it which I think is important in order for grime to grow. No one has to sound exactly the same.

Does grime have a future in the popular music?

Yeah definitely, I think once everyone stays true to themselves and make the music they want to I think it will. Instead of just sticking to one particular style then no one is going to be groundbreaking. When it first started people didn’t understand what it was but once your consistent with it and stay true to yourself there is no way that it won’t be recognized worldwide.

Tell us about the Glastonbury Festival that you just announced.

It is like the largest festival in the UK. It’s really good because this is my first year that I have been releasing music in the public eye so it’s good to be on there this early. I got a good stage and a good time. It’s just really exciting I always wanted to go to Glastonbury festival even as a fan so It’s an honour to be part of it now. The first time I’m getting to go, I’m actually performing.

What’s on your ipod right now?

Tory lanez, Renz, he’s a friend of mine. I listen to a lot of indie stuff as well, Little Simz.

Whats the music scene like these days in UK?

The music scene in UK is pretty much every artist is just trying to stay original. We’re going through this time where everyone just wants to be original and make original sounding music. It’s just a lot of organic sound. The radio just plays whatever they think everyone wants to hear but on the streets there are a lot of organic sounds.

5 goals in 2015:

Continue to make music that I want to make.
Inspire as many people as possible.
Continue elavating
I’ve got a lot of shows in UK all the time so I just want to continue mastering that.

Watch Bonkaz’ latest video for “We Run The Block” below.

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