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Doggie Diamonds sits with Kenneth Montgomery, Bobby Shmurda’s attorney, and get’s the full scoop on what’s really going on with his case.  Now, I won’t act like this is some sort of tea, however, certain parts of this interview did raise a brow.  I find it funny yet foul that the labels are doing absolutely NOTHING to help this boy get out of jail and neither are the “rich and famous” rappers who shout #Freebobbyshmurda and #freegs9 on records and social media.  We know moves can be made, but why aren’t they?

The net went buck over that video of Bobby performing “Hot N*gga” in a boardroom full of white label folks, and I won’t  make this a racial write up, however, the readers and viewers are more than welcome to discuss their opinions.


I know you’re wondering, so peep the interview below and make yourself aware of the real deal with GS9.