A selfie of Malik First Born Allah Farrad was all the evidence a federal jury needed to convict him of possessing firearms

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The problem with 40-year-old Malik First Born Allah Farrad’s selfie is that as a convicted felon, it’s illegal for him to possess firearms.

In 2000, the former Marvin Buckles was convicted of assault, drug and money laundering. Since his release in 2013, Farrad has posted pictures to his Facebook of cash, weapons and potential bags of marijuana, but the most incriminating picture he posted was of a selfie of him holding what appears to be a Springfield .45 handgun. After issuing warrants for seizure of his Facebook pictures, Federal prosecutors obtained the pictures as evidence and brought in firearm experts to identify the gun in the picture as a legitimate firearm. The jury found Farrad guilty and his sentencing will begin October 29, 2015.


-Nishat Baig