The LAPD will have to answer for the bizarre events of last night

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A startling and graphic video that surfaced on Twitter last night depicts two LAPD officers rolling over a profusely bleeding suspect, and handcuffing him. They’d reportedly shot at him four times, and the victim allegedly suffered a gunshot wound to the head.



According to Lt. John Jenal, the officers stopped to investigate an incident after the shooting victim was flagging for help using an arm wrapped in a towel. When they arrived on the scene, they believed the man had a weapon, which they asked him to drop. Shortly afterwards, they fired at him four times, apparently striking him once in the head.

To make matters worse, the officers immediately rolled him over, and handcuffed him, all of which was caught on camera by an onlooker who appeared to be stationed across the street.

An investigation is reportedly underway.

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