By now, much of the nation is well aware of racist madman Dylann Roof, who murdered 9 people in a historically black church located in Charleston, SC. In the time since the horrific tragedy, many items from Roof’s past have made their way to the media. Amongst them, photos with him wearing confederate flags, as well as manifesto he penned that hit the web earlier today (June 21). Now, in another twist, it is being revealed that Roof may have attempted to shoot himself while still inside the church but was unable.

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Kevin Singleton, whose mother, Myra Thompson, 59 was one of the victims killed, gave the details to the Los Angeles Times.

He pointed the gun at his head and pulled the trigger, but it went ‘click,’ because the chamber was empty,

Singleton also told reporters that it seemed as though Roof’s only intended target was the church’s famed Rev. Clementa Pinckney.


Rev. Daniel Simmons, 74, tried to stop him — and that’s when Roof started to blast away,

Singleton stated that he was given this sequence of events by Polly Sheppard, 69, one of the supervisors at the church.

Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)