Much of the talk in the past week or so was the revelation of Troy Ave‘s initial numbers for his latest album Major Without A Deal. Releasing the project on Friday June 5th, the proper first week sales totaled out to roughly 4,500 units, along with 30 physical copies. Troy Ave publicly clarified the numbers, stating that this is actually a total of the first 3 days, considering it was released on a Friday. Furthermore, he noted that by creating the album, and handling his own promo, all with his own funds, he keeps the lions share of the profits, making him more of a return independently than that of a major artist.

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Fellow Brooklyn native Joey Bada$$ chimed in on Twitter earlier today, highlighting his first week sales figure for his recent album B4. Da. $$, while also staking the claim as the #1 independent artist in Hip-Hop. An obvious jab at Troy Ave.

For his part, Troy Ave did not take the jab lying down, as he quickly retorted on his Twitter, giving light to all of the resources that Jozi F. Badmon had for his release, including a partnership with Sony Red/Cinematic Records.


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