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Obama is fed up

President Obama has been a lot more relaxed towards the latter half of this term, which doesn’t sit well with the conservative realm, but considering presidents can’t be elected for a third term, why not?


If you remember, a couple months ago, Obama was speaking in Jamaica, and opened with probably the most infamous one-liner of his presidency: “Wah gwan Jamaica?” Today, during a speech in celebration of LGBT Pride Month, Obama was heckled by what appeared to be a reporter attempting to ramble about immigration reform. Rather than quickly motion for security to remove the individual, President Obama looked directly at him, motioned for him to be silent, and uttered a soon-to-be meme’d phrase: “You’re in my house,” much to the delight of the crowd.

Even after that, the man didn’t immediately take a seat in silence, prompting Obama to continually try to thwart his attempts at heckling. Surprisingly, Obama doesn’t call for security until about a minute and a half through the video, after tossing out a “shame on you” for good riddance. Watch the clip above.