Directed by: Jeff Nicholas

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Fort Minor AKA Mike Shinoda is back! The Linkin Park emcee recently released a new video, and a 360 one at that, under his Hip-Hop moniker Fort Minor. The song lyrics go over how he kind of “hit it and quit it” with his fans and the fact that some of Hip-Hop isn’t what he’d like to portray but still can get down with. Shinoda also handles production responsibility on this one.

As for the 360 part, be sure to watch the video in the Youtube app on your smartphone because as you move your phone, the video will move so you can see different parts of the locations where the video was shot. One of the scenes in the video shows Shinoda painting a mural (he went to school for illustrating), which is actually composed of 1,000 white vinyl jackets. You can buy one of those jackets which will also have a copy of the single and be signed by Shinoda online. You’ll be able to download the song there for free as well. will be performing a solo act in Los Angeles at The Exchange later this year.


He also explains in an interview below why he created Fort Minor and the gap of no music from that facet of his career for so long.

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