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Welterweight boxer Andre Berto has been a formidable opponent in the boxing world for the past few years and it seems as though he is being thrusted into the limelight now that he is publicly bumping heads with undefeated star Floyd Mayweather. When Floyd was recently asked as to who his next opponent might be, he casually mentioned Berto, stating that it would be a “warm up” for a possible 50th and final fight.

TMZ caught up with Berto to discuss to the possible fight and he was not shy in expressing his thoughts on the champ. With that said, the most interesting tidbit from the conversation was Berto sharing that he has been receiving harassing phone calls from the champ. “I know it’s him on the other line. I can hear him breathing.” TMZ also claims that the calls may have something to do with a woman.


Floyd wasted no time in responding, with a rep from the champion’s TMT telling to TMZ,

He’s not even on Floyd’s speed dial…Berto is “delusional” — saying, “If they fight, we will see who has the last laugh.

The initial source also claims that Berto is close friends with rapper Nelly, who is currently dating Shantal Jackson, Floyd’s ex-fiance, which would explain, which woman the alleged phone calls may be in regards to. This looks like a possible storyline that can make a fight between the two boxers more of a possibility.

The name of the game is selling the fight, and these two are already off a to a great start. – @Rocko_CNK