The internet: the gift that keeps on giving

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If you haven’t realized it, the Women’s World Cup is currently going on, and things are heating up. The group stage has concluded, and it’s officially “win or go home” time, which, in the World Cup, is as captivating as any elimination/knockout round of any sport on earth. The U.S., having successfully pushed past Colombia, will play China on Friday for a chance to land in the semi-finals.

England has a similar challenge ahead of them, and they will line-up opposite Canada on the pitch on Saturday for their own semi-final bid. Naturally, their entire country is pulling for them. They may be pulling a bit too hard.


BBC, England’s landmark, internationally renowned radio entity, tweeted out a video clip of the cast of the Bend It Like Beckham musical celebrating with a banner with the following emblazoned across it:

Come on our girls!

Somebody, somewhere between the graphics computers and the printing service, had to catch this, erm, play on words (?).


Maybe there were copyright issues with “Go England!”