Officials are investigating arson case as a possible hate crime after a Black church in NC is set ablaze

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A Black church in Charlotte North Carolina was set on fire early Wednesday morning. Briar Creek Road Baptist Church went up in flames as 14 engines and 75 fire-fighters tried to calm the viscous flames that attempted to diminish the existence of the worship center, which has served the mostly African-American congregation of about 100 members.

Police officials determined that the fire was definitely the cause of arsonists who intended to burn down the church causing $250,000. dollars in damages. Firefighters told the Charlotte Observer that they were shocked by how aggressive the fire was. Senior fire investigator, David Williams said,


It took almost an hour just to calm the fire down. It was a monumental task.”

Two firefighters were injured and treated for heat related injuries. The pastor of Briar Creek, Mannix Kinsey, echoed Williams’ sentiments saying, “When I got here I was even amazed to see that the flames were so high”. Charotte officials are investigating if this arson was a hate crime. Pastor Kinsey stated,

We are still talking about this same issue and this is 2015. We all have to consider what else we need to do to actually work together.”

Briar Creek Road Baptist Church also serves as a weekday camp for children during the day. The camp will be moved to a new location. Pastor Kinsey’s wife says, “I’m relieved no one died.”

-Abesi Manyando(@abesipr)