This week’s Dr. Zoe Today show went from a serious discussion on Caitlyn Jenner to the admitting of some not so mainstream sexual fetishes.

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Justin Jedlica AKA “The Human Ken Doll”, recently seen on the E! Entertainment shows Botched, New Money and E! News, returned to Dr. Zoe Today this past Thursday to discuss “The Caitlyn Jenner Era”. Being a predominant gay male in the media and New York’s plastic surgery junkie, Justin has been approached many times on the subject but had yet to give his own perspective on Caitlyn.

Showing full support, Justin and Dr. Zoe’s‘ conversation covered Caitlyn’s children & the way they’re dealing with the transition to how this is affecting society and sparking more transgender individuals to begin going through their own changes. Dr. Zoe even went so far as to say she was not impressed with the way Kris Jenner has been handling the transition.


“With more exposure to this, we will see the younger generation become more in tune and acceptable, sort of disregarding labels and hopefully not putting quite as much of a discriminatory spin on things.” Justin Jedlica passionately states during his interview.

Dr. Zoe as usual, was very outspoken on her perspective, boldly proclaiming what resonated with her about Caitlyn Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview, “She’s the one who jumped out of the box and said ‘I’m the ONE who has the story’. Here she was, involved in this huge empire of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and treated almost like a joke as Bruce on that show… and look at her NOW!” she continued “It’s changing society’s views and that’s what we want to do, is challenge people’s thinking.”

After commercial break, the show took a much more candid turn, which has become a trend on the show. When listener’s questions were taken during the “Ask Dr. Zoe” segment, they ranged from, “Does Justin float when he goes swimming because of his numerous implants” to “What’s the craziest thing he’s ever done sexually”. Perhaps because the two are friends or that Justin felt extremely comfortable since he has become a Certified Life Coach through Katapult Enterprises, Dr. Zoe’s company he may have revealed too much when he revealed his sexual fetish, Bukkake.

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