Details emerge in Warren Sapp domestic violence arrest

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NFL Hall Of Famer and former NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp has not been having the best offseason. The former all-pro defensive lineman was arrested earlier this year during Super Bowl weekend for soliciting two prostitutes. That particular incident led to him being canned by NFL Network. Things have not faired much better for Sapp. Earlier this week, it was revealed that he was arrested on charges of domestic violence after an incident with his girlfriend Chalyce Moore back on April 28th at the M Resort in Las Vegas.

Today, TMZ got a hold of the documents pertaining to the case and they are very egregious. According to the report, the couple began arguing pool side at the resort when Sapp allegedly threw a margarita in her face and then violently pulled her. The pair then hopped in Moore’s car and headed back to her condo. Moore was tired of the arguing and requested that Sapp get out of her vehicle when he apparently bite her middle finger.


Sapp later got out of the car and attempted to hitch a ride from passing motorists. After failed attempts, he got back into Moore’s car and they arrived at her condo. It is here that the report states that the argument continued while inside where the couple threw a belt back and forth at each other. Moore fell to the ground during the fracas and as she attempted to regain her footing, Sapp allegedly stomped on her head. To give a point of reference, Warren Sapp is 6’2″, 300 lbs and wears size 15 shoes.

A friend of Moore’s told police that she suffered multiple injuries including bruises on her lower lip, shoulders, legs, temple and and checkerboard imprint on her face, presumably from the Jordan sandal Sapp was wearing at the time. Sapp has been charged with 3 counts of battery in relation to domestic violence and if convicted on all counts will be looking at 18 months in prison. His court date is scheduled for July 23rd.

Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)