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Video of an Uber driver being assaulted by a group of teenagers in Brooklyn has surfaced

According to the NY Daily News, a video has made its way to YouTube featuring male teens beating an Uber driver, simply because he refused to give them a ride. In the video, the teens can be heard laughing while they slap the driver continuously in the head, shouting out phrases like “n***a got a headache!” While the driver is being hit, laughter profusely ensues, and the driver is told to, “drive the F****** car n****”.


A teen in the front seat continues the assault, hitting the driver before putting him in a choke-hold. The driver manages to escape through his driver’s side door at the video’s end.

The time and location of the incident are currently unknown, and the NYPD are having a hard time investigating because the unidentified driver has not come forward and reported the assault. Still, law enforcement is reportedly continuing to investigate the tape with hopes of identifying the driver and culprits.

– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

– Photo Credit: NY Daily News