Wednesday night was a non-stop party at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, New York as Wiz Kalifah and Fall Out Boy played for thousands of fans.
The Boys of Zummer tour consists of unlikely co-headliners Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifah and as one would expect the crowd was diverse to say the least. There was an even mix of pre-teen to 15 year old girls and upper-middle class hypebeasts sporting head to toe nike and huff merch, and bucket hats, let’s not forget about the bucket hats. We had the opportunity to attend the event as a guest of Pepsi, which hosted a backstage fan meet and greet with Fall Out Boy before the show. As one would expect at a Wiz Kalifah concert, the smell of marijuana permeated the air. In total 50 people were hospitalized after the concert, including some drunk underage fans but thankfully no one incurred serious injuries.
If people watching wasn’t entertaining enough, the show itself was a hit. Openers included Long Island native Hoodie Allen who nicely bridged the genre gap between pop-punk/rock and rap. The initial lukewarm attitude of the audience rose to a new height as Wiz’s opener got further in his set and repped his Long Island pride. Other openers included MAX, Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy and Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods. Travie McCoy opened for Fall Out Boy and played fan favorite “Billionaire” as the crowd sang along, reciting nearly every lyric.
A video of Wiz half asleep with two topless girls played before he got on stage to really get the night started. Without being a die hard Wiz fan, I was surprised by how many of his songs I knew more than half the lyrics to, which is a true testament to his popularity. He played hits like “Roll up,” “Black and Yellow,” “We Dem Boyz” and “Taylor Gang.” Towards the end of Wiz’s performance he played “Young, Wild & Free” during which two huge inflatable joints were released into the crowd. Wiz closed with the sentimental “See You Again,” which got the whole crowd singing. The gunshots of confetti gave the night a New Years Eve/Fourth of July ambiance that made the night even more enjoyable.
There wasn’t a single sitting fan as Fall Out Boy took the stage, opening with “Sugar We’re Going Down.” Fall Out Boy’s set list consisted of a variety of tracks from earlier in their career to ones that younger fans could recognize. FOB played the more recent “Irresistible” along with tracks like “Centuries,” “Dance Dance” and “A Little Less Sixteen Candles.” Their performance of “Uma Thurman” brought Wiz back out onto the stage for an ad-libbed verse. The band closed with 2003’s “Saturday,” a gem off their debut album Take This to Your Grave. Aside from the drug and alcohol related injuries some fans incurred, ultimately the night was a success and the seemingly odd couple’s music complimented each other well for a night of fun and nostalgia.

-Nishat Baig

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