Off a stint from opening for established artists such as Juicy J, Lil Kim and Afroman, South Carolina Hip Hop artist Frank Peters looks to stake a claim amidst an abundance of artist vying for prominence in the music industry, and with the release of 50 Shades of Frank, Peters knows exactly what kind of sound that will place him there. Describing it as “party music infused with real life,” 50 Shades of Frank looks to showcase the most addictive Hip Hop tunes through sonic crevices as he has crafted a distinct sound for himself.

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The strength of Peters’ commitment to his music evident. With combination of partying and real life, there’s experimentation there, however thoroughly tested, the progression is building as MTVu was featured on the show The Freshman and a month later, featured as Vh1‘s Artist to Watch. The album is also complimented by a bunch of visuals that has helped transition Peters into the film industry as he will also be featured in the indie film Cru with Glassrock Films and P2W Films.