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As unlikely as it may seem, the Haitian team in the the Street Hockey World tournament has bested all of their competitors, which include victories over Armenia and France, to win the 2015 Championship Trophy. As much as we would like to make comparisons to the classic film Cool Runnings, which comically showcased winter olympic competitors from the caribbean island of Jamaica, this scenario is just a tad bit different. Though it is always unlikely for any caribbean island to be dominant in hockey, seeing as how the premiere sports there are soccer, baseball and basketball, the Haitian hockey team was comprised of of Haitian-Canadians. Some of whom have never traveled to the country.

With that said, that fact has done nothing to quell the excitement surrounding this victory for the team members and their supporters. The International Street and Ball Hockey Federation had to slightly bend the rules in order to allow Haitians who were not born in the country to participate. This move allowed the team to have some ringers on their squad such as team captains Ainslie Bien-Aimé, who played on Canada’s 2007 gold medal team and Georges Laraque, who had previously played in the NHL.

Ainslie Bien-Aimé

Most of the guys were always looking for something to give back to the country and the only thing we could do was send money or praise to our cousins or whatever. But when this opportunity came up in January, I can tell you that 75 guys were ready for war.



I had no clue street hockey was a thing. But as a Haitian-American, I am proud nonetheless. – Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)