The number of British victims in Friday’s Tunisia Beach attack that have been confirmed dead is expected to rise to more than 30 as the gunman is captured

Over 30 Britons have been shot and killed in a Tunisia beach attack Friday by Isil militant Seifeddine Rezguiand and a new video shows him being chased by hotel staff before getting shot down by police. Two men are being searched for by Tunisian authorities in connection with the attack.

Last night, the Tunisian Interior Ministry launched a public appeal for two “dangerous terrorists” wanted in connection with the attack on 38 tourists. Mohammed Ben Abdullah bin Muhsen Al Sharadi, 24, a student from a northern Tunisian town and Rafique Bin Mohammed Najib Ben Ali Al Tayari, 28, from the capital.

Cheryl Mellor, a British woman who survived the attack by playing dead, says she wishes she had died alongside her husband. Tunisia’s ambassador to the UK Nabil Ammar said the attack reminded him of WW2,

Our blood is now mixed for the second time…This can happen in every part of the world, no one is safe from that… This is not a justification, it’s just to remind that this can happen everywhere.”

Prime Minister David Cameron in a statement warned that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants based in Syria and Iraq were planning specific attacks against Britain and pose an existential threat to the West.

-Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)