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Check out a velcro hoodie that represents issues with Human Society!


Roobyns Felix is the creator behind one of the dopest hoodies out at the moment. The name of the hoodie is the Amerikanah Velcro Hoodie which represents some of today’s major issues in america. The hoodie inspired by military garments touching on evils of war and how it is one of the biggest issues of human society. Roobyn say’s he took the velcro idea from a camouflage jacket he had which had a velcro strap on the arm and he decided he should emulate that. The jacket comes with the signature Amerikanah Flag velcro patch which you can also mix and match and order different patches from the brand’s official website. The hoodie is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on so make sure you head over to to purchase yours now. You can also check out more pieces from the brand’s official instagram. Check out more images of the Velcro Hoodie in the gallery below.

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