If you thought by one capture of David Sweat and the death of Richard Matt was the ending of this insane joyride, its not even close.

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Today, Superintendent Steven Racette and Deputy Superintendent Stephen Brown from the Clinton Correctional Facility have been placed on administrative leave due to the investigation on the prison. Cops are still trying to figure out how Sweat and Matt broke out of the prison and believe that it is due to an inside leak. Ever since the break, the prison has been on maximum security lockdown. For about three weeks, county and state officials in upstate New York have been chasing them down. On Friday, Matt was shot and killed, while on Sunday, Sweat was captured but not before getting shot by authorities.

According to Governor Andrew Cuomo, the prisons planned the escape. While Sweat was in the hospital, he told officials that they  planned on working with Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker. In their plan, she was suppose to pick them up, kill her husband, and then the three of them would head to Mexico. Right now, officials have arrested Mitchell and now she in jail until further notice. Her attorney told CNN that she was:


“ecstatic both that the manhunt has ended and also that it appears no harm came to any other person.”

The escape plan for the prisons didn’t go as plan when both men popped out the manhole near the Clinton Correctional Facility and Mitchell was no where to be found. Further details are slowly coming out about each escapee and why the decided to separate. According to Cuomo, Matt, 49, slowly started to become a burden to Sweat, 35. Sweat felt like Matt was slowing him down. This was probably because Matt was much older than Sweat and officials found out that Matt had blisters on his feet. Based on evidence, officials say that Matt was probably sick from contaminated water or food. Eventually, Sweat left Matt behind and thats when Matt was tracked down and killed.


-Bri Christian (@brirezy)