Vince Staples brings his Norwood-ian philosophy to GQ

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Earlier this month, Vince Staples sat down with Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 for an interview and a freestyle in promotion of his debut album, Summertime ’06, hitting stores today. During his interview, Staples spoke at length about the impact of Ray J on Hip-Hop culture, from helping to make Kim Kardashian‘s relevant, to changing Fabolous‘ career forever, and not in a positive way. It was fascinating to see someone sensationalize nearly every Ray J career move, and Staples expanded on those sentiments in a sit-down with GQ magazine. Here’s an excerpt below, and do yourself a favor and read the entire conversation here.

If you didn’t know, Staples’ stellar debut album, Summertime ’06, is in stores now. Stream it here.


How did Ray J ruin the career of Fabolous?

They were at the Floyd Mayweather fight, and Fabolous disrespected the Money Team, so Ray J smacked the shit out of him! I don’t know if he ruined his career, but all I know is that I’ve never looked at Fabolous the same ever since that stuff with Ray J went down. If you’re a New York artist, and someone calls a radio station and says, “Imma smack the shit outta you ‘cause you’re a bitch to me” and nothing happens, then Ray J wins. And I love Fab, but he didn’t call Power 106 [in Los Angeles].

Listen though. When you Google “Ray J” these are the people that come up that are associated with him: Kim Kardashian, Brandy, Kanye West, Whitney Houston, Damon Thomas, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush, Lil’ Kim, Robert Kardashian, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Omarion. You show me someone who has such a star-studded line-up associated with them and then we can have a conversation.

Did you say Whitney Houston?

Yeah, he dated Whitney Houston. Ray J was Whitney Houston’s last boyfriend. He found her.

What’s your favorite Ray J song?

“Centerview.” It’s an ode to where he came from. Well we can’t forget his acting career. Ray J was in a movie called Once Upon a Time…When We Were Colored. Ray J fought for civil rights on the big screen.

Who is more powerful, Ray J or Lil B?

Ray J is more powerful than Lil B.

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