Sean and Marlon Wayans could be back, over 10 years later

The first White Chicks movie is a confirmed classic. A decade later, some of the lines, scenes and antics are still being referenced in daily conversations, across all demos. It gave Sean and Marlon Wayans a signature big screen moment, and solidified Terry Crews‘ reputation as the hyper-masculine, sensitive guy he’s continued to play throughout his career, on shows like Everybody Hates Chris and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Outside of a slight reservation–the brothers are worried about the elaborate time lapse between films–there’s a possibility that the Wayans brothers may move forward with the project. According to The Huffington Post, 6 years ago, there was a report that Sean and Marlon teamed up with Sony to make the sequel, but since then, those reports have dissipated into rumors, and eventually myth.

The poster that’s been floating around the internet is a mere concoction, but since Marlon posted it to social media to gauge interest, it’s been liked more than 1 million times on Instagram and Facebook combined. How’d you like to see them reunite for a sequel? With the slapstick comedies we’ve seen in recent years, many of which have been wholly disappointing, we wouldn’t complain about this at all.