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No-sweat summer makeup? The makeup gawds have finally answered our prayers.
Keeping your makeup fresh during your morning commute, a night out on the town or a gym-run is a hassle we all hate to deal with. Luckily, a sticky, sweaty face is now a thing of the past. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has launched a Long-Wear Collection, that prevents you from having to “worry about touch ups,” according to their website.



The collection includes Brow Pencils available in eight shades, Shadow Sticks, Cream Eyeshadow, Gel and Pencil Eyeliner, and a No-Smudge Mascara.


Style.com even tested the products with four extreme athletes performing sweat-inducing activities. Check out the results here.

Will you be buying?

Photo credit: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics