Google photo apps is under fire after a glitch in the app called African Americans gorillas.

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According to BBC, the app that automatically tags uploaded pictures by it’s own software, labeled a black couple as gorillas. The issue caught the attention of a New York based software developer who was one of the people in the photo who was called a gorilla.

Google Executive Yonathan Zunger released a statement about the error saying that it was not okay for a glitch like that to happen and that it will never happen again. Zunger continued to say that Google was working on long term fixes so that words can be more careful of words for people in photos. According to reports, this is not the first time Google has been under water for one of its apps.


– Ballah-moni Kollie (@Gottadream87)

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  • M. Dianne Williams says:

    Bull I don’t buy it for a minute, this has happen before with Google remember when President Obama was elected? Google label the white House, Google labeled it the Nigga House. Since the first African American president was elected the bigots have been coming out of the wood works. The killing of African Americans has doubled and Americans think what Hitler did to the Jews were worst then what they are continuously doing to Black people. Now the trouble is brewing over the confederate flag.

    In truth I say keep your confederate flag hey lets hang a flag with a swastika or Indian head on it too. This way we can recognize the hate and know where it’s coming from. White people like to say hey I hear Black people using the (N) word all the time. Well guess what I live in Owosso Mi, and I hear white people jokingly calling each other inbred, trailer trash, redneck and hooky but would it sound right if I said it. Each nationality has words they call each other and they’re find inside their own circle and everyone knows that. You people know what the confederate flag means and so stop pretending. That flag is the same as a swastika and if you don’t know it by now, you should.
    The Holocaust/Hitler rule lasted 12yrs, and yes it was a great tragedy however I consider slavery which lasted 250-300, yrs., (depending on which book you read), a tragedy too. 6 million Jews dead in those twelve years but care to guess how many millions of Africans and African Americans dead during and after slavery. Black people helped build this country but when the holocaust was over and the abused Jewish people moved to American, they had more right in this country than the black man. Not saying they didn’t deserve to be helped. Jewish people endured separation and murders of their family, the loss of homelands an unthinkable cruelty at the hands of man. Hitler thought they were inhuman just because they looked, talked and warship differently. When people think of slavery they usually only think of people in bondage. For one instant think about child predators, sexual sadists, rapist, serial killers, one doctor Dr. Marion Sim’s who is still considered the father of modern gynecology, did experience on female’s genitals without anesthesia because he believe Black people felt no pain. I compare him to the German doctor Josef Mengele, better known as “The Angel of Death”. The airing of The Dairy of Ann Franks will broadcast two –three times a year it reminds the American people of the atrocities that was done to a race of people. I see no difference in what the Nazi did to Jews than Americans did to Black people therefore Roots should be aired every time Ann’s story is shown. I know for a fact the Germany’s don’t shown The Dairy of Ann Franks maybe they don’t want to be reminded of how evil they were.
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