This edition of HoodHealth approaches ways to overcome the stressors of everyday living that may cause procrastination

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It’s normal to put things off sometimes, but straight procrastination is unproductive. Xzibit told you to handle your business before your business handles you. So, why aren’t you? Are you suffering from Chronic Procrastination? Do you feel stressed at the idea of completing large tasks, overwhelmed, lazy, unmotivated, disorganized, having a hard time managing your time? Are you a perfectionist? If you have any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from Chronic Procrastination. Don’t let it catch up to you.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you may not be handling your business:


1. Stress – Sometimes people can’t focus when they are stressed so they tend to procrastinate in order to not spazz out on somebody. Be sure to make time for things that you enjoy in life. Spend some time with family. Hang out at your people’s crib and play cards. Work on a personal project or read a book. Make time for activities that you enjoy so you will be better able to handle your business without spazzing when needed.

2. Overwhelm – There may be too much on your plate. Make a realistic “To-Do” list and prioritize. Breaking any task down into pieces can make it a lot easier to handle. Try to Negotiate, Delegate and Eliminate. Negotiate with others to make sure that your priorities make sense. Try to delegate tasks to people who can lighten your load. Eliminate whatever you determine unnecessary.

3. Laziness – The law of inertia basically says that an object at rest tends to stay at rest until it is acted upon by an outside force. Snap out of it. Staying stagnant can lead to depression. Exercising, resting at night and making some dietary changes can give your body energy and more mental clarity.

4. Lack of Motivation – Find the best part in all that you do and use it as motivation, even if it’s just for a paycheck for now. Keep builders around. Success breeds success.

5. Lack of Discipline – If your self-discipline is weak, change that. Buckle down and handle ya business! There can be no success without discipline. Forget about the quick fix or patch job. If you try to cover things up so they look good on the outside without taking care of the root issues, you will inevitably end up with a larger task on your hands. If you don’t have time to do it right, you must have time to do it over.

6. Poor Time Management – Don’t overbook your time. Be realistic with how long tasks will take. Planning the day by scheduling properly can be so effective in getting things done. Give yourself deadlines.

7. Lack of Skill – If you feel that you are not competent enough to complete a task, educate yourself. Learning a skill and/or a trade can be beneficial to you and those around you or find someone who had the skills that you do not have and have them take care of the parts that need to be handled in order for you to move on.

8. Perfectionism – Are you a perfectionist? Do you want to do something so perfectly, they you just avoid it altogether? Look at your task as a writing assignment. You are allowed to draft, proofread, revise, finalize and finally publish or complete the job.

9. Fear of Losing Independence – If a task is given to you that must mean that the person who gave it to you thinks that you are able to handle the job. Aint nobody trynna boss you around. Relax. If you are part of a team effort, pull your weight for the task at hand. We all have something valuable to contribute.

10. Fear of Being Alone – Some people are shook of working by themselves. You don’t always need to have a partner. And stop trying to take somebody else down with you when you mess up.

11. Fear of Attachment – Sometimes people just don’t want to work with anyone. Sometimes, they do a better job alone. Get over it. If you feel that you have a skill and the next person doesn’t, teach them what you have and bring them along with you. Remember that you were not always as skilled as you are now so don’t act like you are so elite.

12. Disorganization – Functioning in a cluttered environment can be a distraction. Take care of the environment that you are working in so that you can be productive.

“Handle your business before your business handles you. one two. Remain true, regardless what we go through. Yeah, handle your business so you can stand on your on two..” ‘Handle Your Business’ -Xhibit featuring Defari Herut

-Scihonor Devotion

SciHonor Devotion, CD, CPD, CCCE, CMA, CWSP is a contributing writer to the Hood Health Handbook set. She is a Labor Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Homebirth Midwife Assistant and Womb Sauna Practitioner who serves women and girls in her community through workshop, ceremony and rites of passage. She is also Co-Owner of Queen’s Quisine: Vegetarian and Vegan Catering Company and can be contacted at / /

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