Seneca B‘s journey into the music industry is quite simple. The Boston beatmaker began producing in 2010 while in high school as she experimented with many genres before finding her niche with sample-driven genre of Hip Hop. Listening to her EP, Rascal, is like being a teenager and hanging out with your friends during Hip Hop’s golden era: it’s chill and a good time.

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The vibe of the overall EP is inspired by Seneca’s personal and social struggles, and the pressures that come with being on the border of good and evil. You can hear the mood of each track as the production is bright and bombastic, a clear and full sound that shines with minimal samples vocals that compliment the mix.

Seneca B’s Rascal EP isn’t a game-changer, but it is 10 tracks with no fillers and a blissful soundtrack to the summer of all things real.


Check it out for yourself: