The drama continues to unravel in the tragic story of Bobbi Kristina Brown

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The turbulent relationship between Bobbi Kristina Brown and her boyfriend Nick Gordon was even worse than we imagined. According to Brown’s best friend, Alex Reid, Bobbi Kristina routinely displayed bruises inflicted by Nick Gordon.

Reid gave a revealing interview with E! News this past week describing the personal hell Bobbi Kristina lived in.


“Pretty soon after we met she started telling me about the times he had been physically abusive and it just kept escalating. It just kept getting worse. She would FaceTime me whenever she was distraught. When something had just happened or show me a bruise,”

Reid stated.

Alex Reid’s allegations couldn’t have come at a worse time for Nock Gordon, who was recently slapped with a lawsuit from Bobbi Kristina’s conservator. The suit claims Gordon positioned himself as Brown’s “surrogate brother” and only became her lover once she was named the sole beneficiary to the Whitney Houston fortune after her 2012 passing.

Other allegations in the suit say Nick Gordon limited contact with whom she could interact by answer her phone, changing appointments, and regularly transferred money out of Brown’s account into his own without authorization.

The physical abuse was mentioned in the $10 million lawsuit against Gordon too. He allegedly caused Bobbi Kristina bodily harm including incidents where he punched her in the face, knocked a tooth out and dragged her by her hair. A day before being found unresponsive in the bathtub, Houston’s daughter told friends Nick wasn’t the person she thought he was and set up a time to meet and discuss Gordon’s behavior.

Reid explained that the negative infraction Nick had with the rest of the Houston family is why the young couple concocted the lie about getting married.

“All Krissi wanted was to defend Nick and be happy. So the fact she would even break down and tell me was only, like, momentary because then she would…[say], ‘But don’t be mad at him!'”

Since being found unresponsive face down in the bathtub, Bobbi Kristina has been moved to hospice care.

-Jonathan Hailey(@JaySpeakEasy_)