In provocative psychological science fiction thriller “Self/Less,” an extremely wealthy man (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley) dying from cancer undergoes a radical medical procedure that transfers his consciousness into the body of a healthy young man (Ryan Reynolds).

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But all is not as it seems when he starts to uncover the mystery of the body’s origin and the organization that will kill to protect its cause. Read what Derek Luke had to say about his role in the movie:

Can you tell us about the movie?


It’s sort of a Sci-Fi/thriller. It’s usually what I’m drawn to; I like Enemy of the State, Fugitive … This movie has a lot of those elements and I thought it wasn’t just a Sci-fi movie. I thought it was more of a movie that has a lot of practical science dialogue. When I think about “shedding,” I’m thinking about how the media and people always try to become someone they’re not, trying to become or switch images. I just thought it was a real good blend of topics.

Would you like to see science to get to a place where preservation of life in that capacity is actually possible?

That’s a theme that I gravitate to because if you’ve ever dealt with anyone who has lost life, I think one of the first things that come to mind is “how do you extend it?” I like the character that I play because he embodies that aspect of can we live forever. Sometimes it takes a minute to think about it because there have been some really good questions asked about this. I think most people feel like if they have a new body they don’t really have any responsibilities and they can just live care free. That’s the same thing with acting, that’s why actors enjoy shedding and playing different roles, it’s like reliving different moments of your life. I think the Action/ Thriller genre is a very universal genre and the subject matter is usually greater than what’s typical than domestic news.

When you read your character’s name [Antone] did it seem like an homage to your former role as Antwone [Antwone Fisher]?

No, but in Antwone Fisher is the story of a character that a lot of people still enjoy and love. The writing is very different but I think if they had Denzel [Washington] in it I’d be like ah shoot. But not at all, it’s close but no.

Describe the film in 3 words.

Am I immortal?

What would you like viewers to take away from this film?

I know what I take away is that “Self/Less” and shedding is more common than people think.

To learn more about the concept of shedding check out these awesome viral videos below produced by Gramercy Pictures.

The film hits theaters July 10.

-Toyibat Oridami