Kobe gets off his high horse for a little bit.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been touted by the media as one of the premiere destinations for big name free agents this offseason. With a depleted roster of talent and a lot of cash to burn, the franchise is in desperate need for a resurgence. So far this week, The Lake Show have failed to pick up any big names, most notable Greg Monroe, who signed on with the Milwaukee Bucks. The team is also in the midst of the LaMarcus Aldridge sweepstakes, who is this offseasons big ticket get. Aldridge met with the Lakers brass earlier and the meeting did not go over so well, with the team attempting to sell him on off the court amenities and opportunities that he would have access to in Los Angeles.

Fortunately for the Lakers, Aldridge granted them a second meeting, and this time future Hall Of Famer Kobe Bryant was present. Doing a complete 180 from his lackluster pitch to Dwight Howard a few years back, when he all but told the all-star center that he would be playing a backseat role until Bryant decides to retire, Kobe seemed more passionate about getting LaMarcus on the squad. For his pitch, expounded on how GM Mitch Kupchak has consistently spared no expense when it comes to winning.


Bryant did not believe the franchise could help him win again. Until, much to his awe and delight, Bryant said, the Lakers turned it all around in 2008, getting him Pau Gasol and two more titles.

Bryant didn’t stop there: He brought up the blocked Chris Paul trade to Aldridge as even greater proof of Mitch Kupchak’s team-building brilliance.

Bryant suggested to Aldridge that attempting to land Paul wasn’t just paving the way for even more championships; the Lakers were set to save a ton of money in that deal in an even more extraordinary victory. Although the Paul trade wasn’t allowed to go down, Bryant said, it just goes to show that you can count on Kupchak and the Lakers to find a way to get you the help you need.

With the Lakers sitting towards the bottom of the NBA power rankings, and Bryant coming off consecutive injury plagued seasons, the sense of urgency seems to be hitting home for the aging veteran.

Is this akin to Batman hanging up his cape and handing Robin the driver’s seat?Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)