America’s coolest teen just got cooler

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Malia Obama went from the baby-faced child of America’s First Black Family, to a pop culture sensation, whether she’s front row at Lollapalooza Festival or seen on the internet sporting a Pro Era t-shirt (the latter prompted a secret service investigation).

Well, the oldest of the president’s daughters just got a bit cooler. She’s apparently taken a break from running through music festivals with her woes to hang out on the Brooklyn set of HBO’s Girls, where she’ll be interning. Could this be the beginning of an entertainment career for Malia? Who knows. But let’s go ahead and assume that this is the most secure TV show set in the history of TV show sets.


There will surely be conversations surrounding Obama’s choice of internship, considering Girls has been in headlines for the past few weeks due to the perceived cavalier approach to race issues in its screenwriting.