Now that the scorching temperatures are here, it is safe to continue my unofficial annual summer recommendations. Atlanta-based Hip Hop duo, superHero, which consists of dj Ghost and Apollo, has just released they’re eccentric album entitled The Middle. The definitely strays from the contemporary flashy approach that the genre more commonly follows. It’s a fun, half-hour tour de force that’s worth blasting as loud as possible, without looking to criticize it every minute or so.

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In my opinion, a good sound and a powerful performance can easily make you get away with using the same patterns. superHero delivers each song with excitement and personality, bringing out a unique and infectious blend of hooks and lyrical content. While it is out of the ordinary, their raw power make the entire listen worthwhile. With a solid LP, I have faith in superHero as I am sure they will surpass expectations with future output by bringing that true, original sound that gave birth to the dynamic duo.