Top 8 Barbecue Bangers

If you’re like me then you will be spending this Independence Day weekend pretending to be somebody’s cousin at every barbecue. Aside from the burgers fresh off the grill, another key component that makes the perfect barbecue is the music. What’s a barbecue without them upbeat, feel good tunes? Here’s a list of the Top 8 barbecue bangers old school & new school (not in a specific order):

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1. Summer time – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff

For the youngsters who don’t know, Will Smith started his career as a rapper before turning to acting. Summertime came out in 1991 and the song was charting. Fast forward to 2015 and you can bet that you’re going to hear it at a cookout or BBQ. Will’s mellow rhymes can set the mood for any perfect Summer day.