Cause it’s way over their heads when I Ray Allen, 3 it- Pusha T.

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Last week, sports fans worldwide became witnesses to dominating performances, the birth of a potential dynasty and the discovery of a superstar being born. All of these outstanding moments has made this week in sports a eye opener for which the fans and critics have been letting their voices be heard after it’s all said and done. The Source Sports own Omari White was able to pay attention to what was occurring in the sports world. Let’s just say, he’s amazed to how sports fans frequently go from 0-100 real quick as bandwagon jumpers or a superstar athlete’s biggest critic. Here’s your weekly sports scoff according to the words of @SmooveGuyO.



Game 5 of 2015 NBA finals (Cleveland Cavaliers Vs. Golden State Warriors)

With the Warriors regaining home court advantage and momentum of this highly entertaining Finals with their 21 point dominating performance in Cleveland, it was safe to say good riddance Cavaliers and better yet luck next year. After all, with the sick numbers King James is putting up consisting of 35.8 points, 12 rebounds and 8.3 assists a game, everybody and Larry Johnson‘s grand mama know that he’s going to need some major help to take down the cerebal shooting assassins of the Warriors. With 2 days of rest on the Cavs side, the #ALLINNATION believed that this was the game that was gonna be the icing on the cake to help Cleveland clinch their first major sports title in 50 years (Cleveland Browns-1964.) But unfortunately, the Splash Brothers and Iggy had another thing on their mind and that was to apply pressure and step on the Cavs neck. After the first half, Cleveland showed signs of outstanding fight. J.R. Smith went 4-for-7 in the 1st half, proving fans that his 0-for-9 performance in Game 3 was just a “Knick blast from the past”. LeBron dominated in true fashion while Delly continued to be a pain in the butt for Warriors players like Curry & Green. But once the 2nd half came around, it was a entire different ball game and the beast was awake. Curry showed fans that Delly couldn’t guard that boy if he was attached to him like velcro. Displaying variations of stutter steps and crossovers, Curry made Delly looked like a And 1 mixtape victim. Thompson slowly began to heat up while Iggy began to step up in a major way, knocking down threes, grabbing rebounds and becoming a irritable defender on LeBron. By Golden State heading back to Cleveland with a 104-91 win, this was a sign that no matter how many points, rebounds, assists and clutch plays one player can make, you need your team to step up and be clutch right along with you.

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