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UPDATE: The FBI could be involved.

In light of allegations–which you can read about below–that Tyga has been involved with and exchanged naked pictures with transgender actress Mia Isabella, the Young Money rapper has attempted to enlist federal agents in his search for the person(s) responsible for leaking the pictures, which Tyga alleges are doctored.

The pictures surfaced on popular gossip site B. Scott, and eventually went viral, showing an alleged exchange of photos between Tyga and Isabella, including a d*ck shot from Tyga. According to his attorney, Lee Hutton, the photos were “hacked.”


Original Story:

Tyga can’t catch a break in 2015, can he?

Tyga has spent the better part of the past year fending off social media pundits lamenting him for his relationship with Kylie Jenner, who won’t be 18 until August. He’s also been dealing with problems that he’s been having with his label, Cash Money Records, who allegedly held up the release of his latest album, Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, which was just released without warning on June 23. To add insult to injury, Tyga suffered eye-popping low sales in his first week, tallying just 2,200 moved units.

Today, things get worse for Tyga. Perhaps exponentially. Screenshots from popular gossip site B. Scott have surface, allegedly depicting Tyga exchanging nude photos with a transgender actress named Mis Isabella, with whom Tyga has reportedly been involved for the last 3 years.

The reported screenshots are below for your perusing.

scott shot 2 scott shot

No word from Tyga on the allegations,


1 Comment

  • Mimi Harris says:

    Tyga hit the jackpot when he hooked up with his sons babysitter Kyle Jenner!!! America made the Kardashians /Jenner family filthy rich. Tyga doesn’t ever have to worry about paying for rent or anything else if he sticks with them. Who cares if nobody’s buying his music. He already hit the jackpot. If Tyga has been screwing Mia Isabella for the past 4 years that means he has a problem being faithful. Based on the phtos Tyga sent to his mistress, he shouldnt have any problems becoming a big porn star. Kyle Jenner keeps her cheating Tyga, then Kyle should be careful. Drag Tyga to the doctor, so u both can be tested for STD’s & make Tyga use protection!!!