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Dads, really? Stop making this “Dad Bod” trend happen, it’s not happening!

Amazing how guys get away with so much while us ladies suffer! Did you know the new vocabulary word in Hollywood is apparently “Dad Bod.” Don’t worry it gets better, it’s the new label for guys to flaunt their beer bellies, cross out gym in their agenda and the chance to show off their “Dad Body” without getting  poorly judged but complimented “Dad Bod.” It’s bizarre that us females suffer to maintain, protect our image through our weight and bodies due to society while once again guys are ahead.

Seriously,  we love you but I object! Dad Bods? Lol. What a poor excuse. Ladies do you think this is fair?


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lifestyle-dadbod-summer-physique-celebrity-trend-2015 3

Adam could actually get a pass, he’s Adam! 

Mayi Trinidad