The New York upstart puts it all on the table.

It isn’t too often that a new MC can spark such a strong response at first listen. But that is what Zyaire Rosier has been able to accomplish with his debut EP The Epistle Of Zyaire Rosier. Bringing a religious veiled theme to the project, the Rockland County, NY MC laces his tracks with sharp lyricism akin to the greats of rap’s golden era. Sharing his tales of socio-economic struggles, he separates himself from MC’s of today by shining light on the negative, while also offering solutions. All done in a tasteful and tactful manner. The 10 track project features production from Donny Faretta, Kelly Portis, General Beats and more. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen, you’ll be glad you did.

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I’ll withhold from making any comparisons but this one is sure fire.@Rocko_CNK