High end streetwear isn’t dead

Marcelo Burlon is one of the leaders of the new school when it comes to lavish urban wear.  The brand represents effortless cool, presenting garments that have the inconceivable ability to potentially convert you into the flyest in the room.  Bold imagery and prints create a design that aims for quick visual impact that has affected a long of list of fashion conscience and celebrity alike.

The designer’s Spring 2016 runway show reminds people why Marcelo Burlon clothing gained large scale adoption in the first place.  The pieces represent a natural evolution of the brands primary concept: streetwear of purpose.  With his line of retooled urban clothing line,  Burlon is not so much interested with creating striking tailoring but more so in presenting precise and sick visual imagery.  This time around there’s an approach at creating multicultural variety with models wearing Baja stripes, soccer ball stripes and Argentinian iconography

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