Guess who’s not advertising $5 foot-longs anymore

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In one of the most bizarre news stories of the year, Jared Fogle, the famed spokesman and brand ambassador for Subway, has had his home raided by the FBI in connection with an alleged child pornography investigation.

Early this morning, authorities entered Fogle’s home by way of a warrant served at approximatedly 6:30 AM, prompting he and his wife and children to exit while agents seized several of Fogle’s electronic devices and brought them to a nearby mobile location to analyze them according to a report from Fox59. Fogle has not been arrested, but rather detained by authorities.


Earlier this year, the executive director of Fogle’s foundation, the Jared Foundation, was arrested on three counts each of child pornography, child exploitation and voyeurism. He was allegedly in possession of approximately 500 pornographic videos.

We’ll have more updates as soon as they’re made available.