The Carters have spoken

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In light of the numerous controversies surrounding the confederate flag, and its prominent display and use in American government and merchandise, several prominent politicians and public figures have come forward to express their discontent with the flag’s continued use, considering it’s oppressive origins. Last week, the flag was stripped from it’s position on South Carolina’s statehouse grounds by a heroic citizen, and yesterday, the South Carolina Senate voted to officially remove it.

Today, news has broken that Jay Z and Beyonce are currently attempting to purchase the rights to the flag, so they can help restrict it’s use and reproduction. An attorney for the Carters had this to say about their confederate mission.


My clients are adamant about purchasing the rights to the Rebel Confederate flag. They have expressed deep concern regarding the flag and how it is tearing apart our nation. Mr. and Mrs. Carter wants to assist in the abolishment of the flag by purchasing the resell rights to the Confederate flag. If my clients are successful, purchasing the rights would mean that anyone who wants to produce merchandise using the Confederate flag would have to get permission from Mr. and Mrs. Carter. My clients have expressed that they are not looking to profit from the use of the flag, but rather prevent any further use of the flag on merchandise.

It’ll be interesting to see how far they’re allowed to get. This will be no easy accomplishment by any stretch of the imagination.


  • Bill Bixby says:

    Dumb fucking niggers

  • Marty Evans says:

    They don’t have the right to buy it. It should not be for sale. I guess they want a Civil War started. The Southern people will rise above this AGAIN.

  • Susan says:

    Can they really be so ignorant that they think they can purchase rights to the rebel battle flag? It’s history. Not common market goods. Unlike them

  • Joe C says:

    I have had enough of these two communists and what they want to buy. Do not allow them to buy the rights to this flag or any other American icon. They obviously have way to much money if they can buy whatever they want. This flag belongs to the people of the United States of America and she isn’t for sale.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas says:

    Jay Z and Beyoncé: GET STUFFED!!!

  • Diana says:

    I support the Confederate flag .Your dividend the nation .It’s History .It’s had family fight on both sides

  • Suzanne Jefferson says:

    Fuck these two Illuminati controlled globalists who the Hell do they think they are !
    stop buying anything that has to do with these UN American idiots !
    STOP SINGING FOR THE DEVIL !!! Poisoning our children’s minds with your evil
    Lyrics ! Gunna start a petition against Evil Hollywood Zionist Jews pushing this
    Rhetoric on our children !!!

  • I smell….. bullshit.

  • william wilson says:

    Who would they buy those rights from?

  • Sportrocgirl55 says:

    So are they going for the Rebel Flag, the Flag of the Confederacy( and if so which one), or the North Virginian Battle Flag?

  • Paul D. Williams says:

    IF this purchase is allowed; WHO do they pay the fee too? HOWEVER, IF you are dumb enough to think that sole rights to something such as this with all of the Publicity that has now been generated, and they WILL NOT make a profit off of this iconic image; you are one dumb ass, if I ever saw one.

    They will eat the marketing world up with a new clothing line; jewelry or whatever will sell.

    Americans falling for more lies and corruption.

    God Bless us all,

  • Taunya Curry says: