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Big Apple IMC is a passionate soul that bears all for the world to see. Coming from Designing for the Fashion Powerhouse of the 90’s Avirex clothing he has garnered some reputable connections within this industry.
His early work with Just Blaze propelled him to a Spotlight on Tony Touch 55 MC’s, and a potential offer from both Universal and Black Hand Ent; but family responsibilities forced him out of the game.
5 kids 3 baby mothers later Big Apple IMC is back to let his voice once again be heard. In what industry insiders say is an extremely short period of time he co-created (hip Hop Based Website for Fashion & Music) assisted in Launching Thisrespekwear clothing company, and Hosted for the Source Magazine spit 16.
Not only he is behind a lot of underground MC being placed in the Source, XXL, VH1 etc, but he has also had the pleasure of watching his peers surpass their wildest dreams. His 1st single Featuring Fred the Godson was an honor for both sides “The Grind is Serious” says Fred.
His Latest EP No Apologies is a vivid tale of his life, family values and views of the current state of the world. With songs like Revolution speaking on poverty in the US “Ain’t shit change since the march on Selma, my eyes haven’t seen good times since Thelma” to Misconception touching on how the world sees each other, this is guaranteed to be a non-skipper of an EP> BIG APPLE IMC B.e I.n the G.ame A.lways P.ack P.owerful L.yrics E.veryday. IMC hey that’s what he is!
Stacks N The Uber is about Artist fronting for social media, #Stoplying