Bang 3 is a totally different approach than his previous work in Finally Rich,Bang Pt 2,and Almighty So. Chief Keef  began producing his own material recently and according to him its a unique sound we haven’t heard yet. Although he recently released his single “Aint Missing You” in respect to the lost of his cousin Blood Money.The album is set to drop August 18. It should list about 14 tracks and feature other artist like Taedoe,and ASAP Rocky.Bang 3 Tour is coming soon with many surprises.After the transition from interscope to Filmon,Keef has way more to offer fans. Read below as his discusses  his upcoming project and more.

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Why should we anticipate Bang 3?
Im doing a lot of production, I’m producing all of that.Alot of songs on Bang 3 is really produced by me. Its different, and its something i don’t think anyone has ever heard. Bang 3 is way different from all of the other projects i put out before. Its going to be crazy and epic for me.

What We should expect from Bang 3?
I Grew up, or like I would say I Glo’d up.So Bang 3:Kozart is taking a different direction because I’m trying something new.I like going different ways, instead of staying the same.I come up with all my own stuff, i don’t copy.


How did the relationship with Filmon come about?
Actually i had my close one telling me about alike, sosa you need to know these ppl i looked up alike he said alike is crazy like you and i didn’t believe it until i met alike and he beat me

Are they any other Glo members that we should expect to hear on the album or any new upcoming artist?

I don’t really do features, I’m not a feature type of person.It was all me actually, i got my cousin Tadoe and A$AP Rocky, but its actually all me. I just like doing my own thing.