What if you could live a glamorous life like Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad’s perfectly scripted ones as seen on the hit show The Hills? It seemed like every time you turned around, the pair was stepping out on the town, hitting up hot spots like Nobu and Greystone.

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And Lauren working at a cubicle didn’t seem so bad, as her desk was conveniently located in the offices of Teen Vogue or on set at an on-location photo shoot. Imagine the perfect life: a cute job, a luxury car, and a hot boyfriend (who could totally double as a Calvin Klein model). We’ve tallied up a list of “Slaying & Paying Jobs,” occupations that pay well and come with really awesome perks.



1.     Celebrity Personal Assistant


Who minds going for a coffee run or picking up a dog from the vet when a famous person is giving you the errand? Becoming a personal assistant can be very rewarding. It can yield many opportunities like travel, networking, and overall new experiences.

Becoming a personal assistant isn’t limited to celebrities as businessmen and women are on the hunt for personal assistants every day. Many of these jobs require extended periods of travel, giving you the perfect opportunity to be on the road and stack up your money for good use upon your return. According to PayScale.com, the median income is $39,495 per year. Not bad for a job that doesn’t require a mandated education requirement while opening the door to lots of travel experience.


2.     Brand Ambassador


People may have their fair share of jokes about the new wave of Instagram models, but make no mistake: these girls are making mullah. With the age of technology, these models have successfully branded themselves into brand ambassadors, spokespersons, party hosts, and more. With carefully crafting and strategizing their social media channels, these brand ambassadors have accumulated large followings that are ultimately used as platforms for advertisement.

Brand ambassadors are charging companies upwards toward $1500 per shoutout post. Along with brand ambassadorships, these models are venturing into nightlife opportunities, booking club hosting gigs that can pay anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per gig. Although no W-2 forms can calculate the median income of these models, it’s safe to say they are using the Internet as a platform to generate money!


3.     Art Director


Imagine being the person who is responsible for the selection, execution, and production of graphic design for a publication or agency. Art directors produce artwork for advertising campaigns, magazines, television shows, films, websites and products. They spearhead design teams and make sure the goals and targeted image of the client is met. According to U.S. News, this job is expected to see a 3 percent increase by 2022. The median income is $83,000 per year.


4.     Lawyer


What if you could walk around the courthouse slaying like Elle Woods? Having a law degree can open the door to many career opportunities. Being a lawyer can range from working for a big time firm to working as a district attorney. Almost every field of work needs a lawyer at some point. Whether they need a maverick to fight a case or simply a professional to review contracts, the field is always hiring with an expected 9.8 percent grow by 2022. The median income is $114,3330 per year.


-Savannah Britt (@Sav_Britt)