Ouch!  Mariah, honey, has it gotten that bad? 

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The streets have been talking. It’s no surprise to us that Mariah Carey and her weight has always been a roller coaster of ups and downs. We all know she’s known for that gorgeous voice of hers and once upon a time ago killer legs. Now the poor thing is no longer with her beau Nick Cannon,  and seems to be getting older, and gaining weight, which has frustrated her stylist team. Rumor has it that she demands to squeeze into all her dresses wearing double spandex underneath. This clearly is frustrating her style team because they’re  done trying to convince her to just get new dresses in bigger sizes.

I guess the star is in denial badly:  “You’re getting older, and you’re gaining weight.”  It’s also reported that her style team has even thought of getting new dresses in larger sizes, and just pulling the tags off so she won’t notice.


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-Mayi Trinidad


  • BERNADETTE says:

    Please Leave her !!!! Let her Be a Fantastic Mother &
    Enjoy her Children,Lose weight and Regain her Great Gift from God to have an Extended Career in Singing.
    Let her Regain her “Great Vocal Sensation”

  • Jason says:

    She’s over weight

  • maya trinidad says:

    You’re being a snide bitch.

  • sam says:

    This article is obviously written by someone in Nick Cannon’s team. Mariah’s stylist team gets paid to put nice clothes on her it doesn’t matter what size the dresses are. Nick is not Mariah’s beau he cheated on her so she kicked him out. He misses jetting on private planes and lavish life style he can no longer have. When they got married he had 250 k when she had over 300 million dollars now he has (thanks, to Mariah’s connections securing him gigs) 20 million and she has over 600 million dollars. He is bitter sorry looser and with a prenup he is not happy with what he is getting and wants to pocket more money out of his divorce. Mariah wants to marry her billionaire fiancé and needs a quickie divorce. I think any judge will grant her a divorce based on the prenup agreement. Nick is already on with his 4th (known) girlfriend since the divorce and is seeing his kids like 4 hours every month. He should shut his mouth and worry about his bank account more than the billionaire wanting to marry Mariah and loving her the way she is for what she is not looking for stereo type stick figure.

  • Royal says:

    Let Be Gorgeous!

  • fatalreview says:

    ups and downs??? I think you mean just steadily blimping out the last 10 years -she is a good double the size she was when she actually had a song on the charts-even if it was paid to be on the charts-that was the 90’s fake music scene-but seriously MeMe the annoying whale is one ridiculous has been substance abusing joke-and the way she dresses is just part of it

  • Debbie Marie says:

    She is gaining weight because shes on medication just leave the poor girl alone, can’t she do something right