the mother of the legendary rapper’s now legal age daughter is being accused of “couch hopping”

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Things seem to be spinning out of control in the life of Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas‘ daughter. According to reports, Bryan is currently homeless now that the child support checks have dried up.

It’s alleged Bryan fell on hard times when she stopped receiving child support payments from the legendary rapper once their daughter, Destiny, turned 18 years old. A source close to the situation claims Carmen Bryan has been hopping from one friend’s couch to another throughout Queens ever since Destiny Jones became a legal adult.


“She has never spent a dime out of her own pocket to support her daughter because except writing a tell-all book, she has not had a J-O-B since giving birth. She’s been here in Queens squatting from house to house telling old stories from the late 90s. When she wears out her welcome, she gets buddy passes to mooch off of people in LA and Atlanta,” the source said.

The tell-all book being referred to is From Nas to Jay-Z, from Seduction to Scandal-A Hip-Hop Helen of Troy Tells All. Released in 2007, the book exposed the stormy relationship with Nas and Bryan’s tryst with then-rival Jay Z, which sparked one of the most memorable beefs in rap history.

As reports circulate about Carmen Bryan’s current living situation, or lack thereof, she posted a photo on Instagram posing with a stack of money. There’s no word as to whether she used some of those racks to find a new home or if she was just posing with it for the ‘gram.

-Jonathan Hailey(@JaySpeakEasy_)

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