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Cool, casual and classical

Using the historical concert tee as its symbolic center,  Opening Ceremony provides new in-house brand apparel.  Classic composers of the past are forced onto bold font choices placed on late 80s and 90s clothing silhouettes.  Names like Tcgaujivsky, Chopin, Bach and Beethoven are all ironically plastered on pinstriped jackets and tucked in crewneck sweaters.  Wide leg shorts and pants, oversized tops and a good amount of psychedelic stripe design are all worn by a model sporting a throwback bowl haircut style.   “We wanted to focus on all things we love in our wardrobes but mashed up.” said Humberto Leon, one half of the design duo behind the throwback collection.  Leon along with Carol Sim will begin to see their 90s era creations hit Opening Ceremony’s online and on site retail spaces during the 2016 Spring season.  Check out the looks in the gallery below.