Uniqlo is distancing itself from a viral scandal

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A very NSFW video surfaced yesterday, of a couple having sex in a Uniqlo fitting room, and it has caused a firestorm of public relations issues for the popular clothing store.

The incident took place at Uniqlo’s flagship store in Beijing, and if you’re brave enough to watch the footage, you’ll hear the man call out some phrases which, according to CNN, mean “call me husband” and “say we’ll be together” in Mandarin. It isn’t immediately obvious which store the debauchery is taking place in, until a loudspeaker announcement reveals that it is indeed Uniqlo.


Unfortunately for Uniqlo–or, fortunately, depending on how you look at it–the video has caused the traffic in their store to increase. So much, that many have raised the question of whether or not Uniqlo is in fact behind the video clip’s production.

Earlier today, Uniqlo released a statement in which they make sure that it’s very clear that they had nothing to do with the clip.

As a responsible international brand, Uniqlo is dedicated to providing consumers with safe, comfortable and quality shopping experiences and locations. We would like to remind all customers to abide by society’s moral standard… and properly and appropriately use our fitting rooms.


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